Welcome, friend!

We’re Angela, Aziz, and Joost.

Three friends who care deeply about friendship.

We believe friendship is the greatest gift any of us can give to the world, or to ourselves.  So we built FriendMo to help us become better friends and contribute to a world with more creative, lasting, and caring relationships.

Angela Guido

Founder and President of FriendMo and our mastermind and creative force.  A lifelong student of human nature, best-selling author, and celebrated coach.

Angela has devoted over two decades to helping people maximize career success, positive impact, and joy in life through programs that cultivate elite communication abilities, emotional intelligence, and relationship-building skills in a professional context.

Angela is founder of Career Protocol, an MBA and career consultancy, and previously held strategy, HR and teaching roles at KPMG and  The Boston Consulting Group.  Angela has a BA in Philosophy from Yale, and an MBA from Chicago Booth.

Angela Guido Friendmo
Aziz Lalljee Friendmo

Aziz Lalljee

Founder of CEO of Friendmo, and our strategy and operations guy.

An acolyte of Robin Dunbar (of ‘Dunbar’s number’), Aziz is obsessed with how our evolutionary psychology wires us to make, keep, and lose friends, and with how we find motivation and fulfillment in group activity.  He was previously a founder at Finom, a wealth management platform; an investor at VentureDNA; a founder at Zinc VC, a social venture incubator; and a consultant at Navigant.  Aziz has a BA in History and a BS in Economics from UPenn, and an MBA from Chicago Booth.

Joost Beintema

Founder and SVP of Special Projects at FriendMo, and our chief developer and tinkerer. 

A broad technologist and avid technical researcher, Joost has spent the last 15 years, most recently at QDelft-Netcompany, developing and implementing software and design solutions for a range of enterprise and startup clients.  He is a specialist in translating business and operational goals for research, design, and development teams, and loves applying newer technologies and methods (like blockchain and machine learning) to solve hard business and social problems.  Joost is a graduate in architecture from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

But enough about us!

We want to hear from you!!! 

Do you think FriendMo might be your jam?  We are hiring for a range of positions.  Write to us at mo at friendmo.com, telling us what role you want to play at FriendMo, and what you currently do to make the world a better place. 

© 2020 - FriendMo. All rights reserved.

© 2020 - FriendMo. All rights reserved.